Small-Flowered Jewelweed

Impatiens parviflora

Small-Flowered Jewelweed

Family: Balsaminaceae

Other Common Names: Small-flowered Touchmenot, Small Balsam
Weed class: monitor list
Native to: Temperate regions of Asia such as China and Mongolia
Legal listings:

According to a 2013 USDA-APHIS report, it is being reviewed for possible listing as a Federal noxious weed and was listed as a pest plant under “Not Authorized Pending Pest Risk Analysis (NAPPRA) regulations”.

Why Is It a Noxious Weed?

This species is considered very invasive in many European countries and has established in British Columbia and in Oregon. Small-flowered jewelweed is currently on the Monitor List. If you think you have spotted it, please contact your local county noxious weed control board or us at 

How would I identify it?

Flower Description

The flowers are spurred, as typical among Impatiens species, and a pale-yellow color. 

May Be Confused With

Small-flowered jewelweed bears resemblance to policeman's helmet (Impatiens glandulifera). However, it is much smaller and its flowers are pale yellow instead of the pink of policeman's helmet. It can also look similar to spotted jewelweed, though spotted jewelweed is much larger and has distinct red and orange spotted flowers as well as more rounded leaves with a scalloped edge.

Where does it grow?

Moist forests and forest edges.

How Does it Reproduce?

Small-Flowered Jewelweed reproduces by seed. Like many touch-me-nots, this plant explosively ejects its seeds up to 10 feet away when touched. Seed also float in fast-moving water and are helped further by being carried on animals and birds, footwear, vehicle tires, and with timber.

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